If you enjoy traveling with your vehicle and spending time relaxing outside of it, a good accessory to purchase is a three-sided vehicle awning. This device connects to the vehicle's roof and opens up to provide shelter over three of the vehicle's four sides. These awnings are available in several sizes, and many are large enough to provide shelter for you and several other people. When you're assessing different awnings, you'll want to choose a product that is water-resistant. Here are some reasons that this characteristic is important.

No Leakage

When you and your family members or friends are relaxing under your vehicle awning while it rains, you want to be confident that everyone will stay dry. Few things can ruin a picnic or other outdoor activity as quickly as getting wet. A vehicle awning that isn't water resistant may slowly leak because the rainwater soaks through the awning material and begins to drip onto you. When you ensure that your awning is rated as water resistant, you can be confident that the material will repel the moisture and keep the space below it dry.

Less Weight

If moisture is permitted to soak into the material of a vehicle awning, it will get very heavy. Over time, this excess weight can pull on the frame around the awning and potentially cause damage. For example, you may notice that the edges of the awning are starting to tear because of the excess weight. An awning that is water resistant won't become heavy because the moisture isn't able to soak into the material. While you'll want to knock any pooled water off the awning to reduce the structure's overall weight, you can be confident that the material will stay dry and light.

Lower Mildew Risk

Material that gets saturated with water doesn't just get heavy. It can also stay wet for a prolonged period of time, resulting in the growth of mildew. The last thing that you want is to find out that your vehicle awning has a layer of mildew on it. It can often be difficult to remove mildew, and you may find that the awning has an undesirable look and even a musty odor. When the material is water resistant, it's easy to dry after use and put away without worrying about mildew developing before you use the awning again. Keep water resistance in mind when you shop for a three-sided vehicle awning.

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