If you ever have clients visit you at your home office, you want to make sure the space is professional and organized. Here are a few tips for decorating your home office so it appears more business-like and separate from the rest of your home, giving your clients a sense of confidence in your skills.

Properly frame photos

You want photos on your walls to all share the same frames for a professional and more streamlined appeal. Consider having each cherished photo custom framed for the right fit and matting to make your home office more appealing. If you have many items on your wall, including family photos, certifications you may have, and artwork, consider limiting your space to a few of your favorite pieces and taking the rest down to avoid a cluttered look. For more information or assistance with framing, contact companies like Direct Wholesale Framing.

Choose the right lighting

Lighting with a control switch can give your home office greater appeal to clients. When you are working with a client at home for the first time you want your office to be bright and welcoming, which is a large contrast from the intimate and serious lighting you will want with dimmer lighting above your desk when talking about negotiations and other factors with clients on a regular basis. Have a desk lamp to highlight documents as well to have greater control over how bright your office is.

Stick to a color scheme throughout

A great way to make your home office stand out as a professional business space is to use the same color theme throughout your design. Your custom picture frames should match your desk and chairs and your rug and carpeting should be in the same spectrum as your walls. Choose confident colors that are professional in style, such as rich brown, hunter green, navy, and even beige to give your home office the professional touch it needs. If you already have a few colors working together, paint your walls white or off-white to avoid color clashing.

Install French doors

French style office doors make your home office appear larger and make it noticeable from the rest of your home from the outside in. Choose doors with paneled windows in them for your office to make the room appear larger, and have curtains of privacy blinds installed in them to offer your clients a sense of privacy when they come into your office for discussions. Curtains and privacy blinds should be a neutral tone in light hues, such as tan, beige, or even a light gray.