Trees serve many purposes and are nice to have around your yard and home, but there are times when you many want to remove a tree. Since trees are large and heavy, just cutting down the tree is not a good idea unless you have the tools and experience to do it properly. Even then, a tree service can cut the tree, remove the wood and branches, and grind away the stump so you can use the yard where the tree was.  

Trees with Rotting Centers

A tree that has died can start to rot from the inside, making the tree very week. On the outside, it still looks fine but it could easily fall if a storm or a strong wind comes through. There are several solutions to keep the tree standing, but the best solution to the situation is simply removing the tree. If you want a tree where it was, replant a healthy tree in its place. This is the safest option to deal with these trees.  

Trees Overhanging and Damaging your Roof

While it is possible to trim the tree every year, if the tree is damaging the roof and is that close to the house, it might be better to just remove it completely. Taking a tree down that is right next to your house is complicated and should be done by a tree service. If the tree falls the wrong way, it could damage the roof, impact the structure of the house itself, or hurt people working on the project.

Clear Space For An Addition

If you have a piece of property you want to use to build an addition to your home, clearing the area of trees may be necessary. In some cases, you can cut the trees and sell the wood or even find someone to cut the trees and remove the wood at no cost if you give them the wood free. Be careful that you do not let someone come cut the trees on your property if they don't know what they are doing. Someone getting hurt on the property could come back on you in the end. Check around as some tree companies will work out deals like this and carry their own insurance.

Storm Damaged Trees

A tree that has been damaged by a storm may have branches that are unstable hanging high above. If the tree appears to be unstable, it is better to remove it than to have it fall on someone or something later on. A large branch hanging overhead may stay put for months, then one day it just comes down. If you are concerned at all about a damaged tree, get a tree service to come inspect the tree and help you decide whether the entire tree needs removal or if just the branches need cut and removed.