Getting granite countertops for your kitchen is one of the best decisions you can make. These kitchen surface materials are made of sturdy rocks, which makes them tough. But, the fact that they are strong doesn't mean that you can put anything on the countertop. Some things can easily damage them, so they should be kept away from the surface.  

Here are things you shouldn't do if you want to keep your countertop in great shape for longer.

Avoid Placing Acidic Items on the Surface

Things like perfumes, acidic soaps, soft drinks, and vinegar can easily damage the top seals. This makes it easy for the kitchen surface to get stained easily. So, keep all acidic items in drawers so they don't get in contact with your countertops. If you are using them to cook, be keen to avoid spillage.

Don't Allow Spills to Stay on the Surface

While it's difficult to prevent water spills on countertops, you will have to be more cautious while placing juice or wine on the surface. The best thing to do is to avoid keeping the colored drinks on the countertop. But if a spill occurs accidentally, you should clean the surface immediately.

Spills usually leave dark and shadowy spots, which make the granite surface appear ugly. Cranberry juice, orange juice, and wine spills leave a stain that cannot be cleared even with regular cleaning. So, the only way to ensure the granite surface retains its great look is to avoid spilling drinks or foods.

Don't Cut Food Directly on the Surface

A granite countertop surface is rigid, so it's capable of withstanding knife blades. But, if you chop items like fresh vegetables, fruits, and meat on the countertop, it will eventually develop scratches, making the stone appear dull. 

It's better to use a cutting board for this task. Also, using the knife directly on granite surfaces dulls the blades. Dull knives tend to be riskier than sharp ones, so protecting yourself and your family is better.

Avoid Placing Hot Cooking Pots on the Surface

Since granite countertops are strong, you may be tempted to set hot cooking pans on them. Even though the stone will not crack or melt, you should put the hot pans or cooking pots on a protective barrier. This is particularly important if the hot pan will sit on the surface for some time. The warmth from the pan or pots damages sealants that help prevent stain formation on the granite tops.

Contact a local granite countertop supplier to learn more.