If you want to update the numbers that you have affixed to the exterior front of your residence, you may wish to use backlit numbers. These numbers are not only available in many different fonts and sizes, but also have either white or colored lights mounted behind them to increase their visibility in the dark. When you shop for backlit house numbers, you'll see a few different options. While it's possible to mount the numbers directly to the wall, another option is to buy a mounting plate that sits behind the numbers. This plate, which is available in different sizes and materials, is a good option for the following reasons.

Visual Contrast

A mounting plate helps to provide a degree of visual contrast that makes your house numbers stand out even more. For example, if you like a particular color of house numbers but this color is too close to the color of your home's exterior wall, you may worry that there isn't enough contrast for the numbers to be highly visible during the day when the lights aren't on. A mounting plate in a contrasting color — for example, a white mounting plate positioned between dark gray numbers and dark gray siding — will considerably improve the numbers' visibility.

Wire Concealment

Depending on what type of backlit house numbers you buy, the wires that provide the power to the lights may be a little visible behind the numbers. If you want a cleaner look, a mounting plate can help. With the mounting plate in place, the wires will be positioned behind the plate. The plate's size will make the wires virtually impossible to see, even when someone is standing directly in front of the house numbers. This will help your new house numbers to have a clean, tidy look.

Easier Installation

Some people favor using a mounting plate because it makes for a quicker installation. Without a plate, you need to mount the numbers directly to the side of your home. If you have several numbers, this means that you'll need to make several holes — a prospect that can be daunting if you have brick exterior walls that are hard to drill into. It's easier to mount your numbers to a plate using one or several different methods, and then just drill a couple of holes into the brick wall to affix the plate. Learn more about mounting plates when you visit a retailer to shop for backlit house numbers