While your outdoor furniture, grill, and other items will be designed and constructed to resist damage from being exposed to the elements, it is still advisable to maximize the protection that these items have. More specifically, a person may find that using a cover during the winter months or other times of the year when these items will not be needed can offer some important benefits. 

Water Resistance

Water is one of the primary factors that may contribute to your outdoor items suffering damage and wear. As you are looking at your options for covering these items, the amount of water resistance protection that they offer will have to be a factor that is considered. Ideally, you will want a cover that will be as resistant to moisture as possible. In addition to protecting these items against repeated exposure to rain, these covers will also be able to protect these items against being damaged by prolonged exposure to snow or ice.

The Fit of the Cover

To be effective, the cover that you choose to use for your outdoor furniture will have to fit it as well as possible. The shape and design of outdoor furniture, grills, or other items can make it difficult to fit a cover on them. If there are gaps that fail to cover large sections or that are positioned where water could easily enter, the protection that the cover offers will be greatly reduced. Luckily, it is possible to have covers custom-made. In addition to ensuring that covers are made that will properly and securely fit your outdoor furniture items, this will also enable you to customize the appearance of the covers so that they will match the rest of your decor.

The Breathability of the Fabric for the Cover

The breathability of the fabric that is used to cover these items is a factor that needs to be balanced against its moisture resistance of it. Over time, there will be some moisture that will make it past the cover. A common example of this can be condensation forming on particularly humid days. If the cover is not breathable, this water could take a very long time to dry, and this could lead to rot or discoloration occurring. To account for this, many covers will be designed with vents that can allow the air to circulate, but these vents will be positioned or even covered so that water will have a hard time entering through them.

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