The window in your bathroom serves a couple of very important purposes. For one thing, it helps to let natural lighting come into the bathroom. For another thing, it offers you an additional way to let fresh air into the bathroom and to help get rid of some of the steam and moisture after taking a hot shower. You may also have a glass shower door you really like because it allows you to take a shower with a lot more lighting than you would have if you used a shower curtain. Plus, glass shower doors can help give the bathroom a nicer look. There can be concerns that come with the window in the bathroom and the glass shower door when it comes to privacy. Decorative window film can help you to maintain privacy in the bathroom by making it so no one can see into the window or the glass shower door, while still giving you the benefits that come with them. Here is more on the decorative window film you can have put on the glass in your bathroom: 

Decorative window film lasts a long time

While decorative window film isn't considered to be a permanent addition to your home, it can last for many years. Another thing that you want to keep in mind is in order for you to get the most from the window film that goes on your windows or glass shower doors, you want to make sure it is put on correctly. The best way for you to ensure that this is done is to have it professionally put on the glass. 

There are many different designs of decorative window film

When it comes to picking the right window film for the glass in your bathroom, you should take the rest of the decor and the style of the bathroom into consideration. You want to choose a film that is going to complement what you already have going on. 

Simple frosted film 

If you want to add privacy, but you don't want anything that is too flashy, then you can go with a simple frosted window film. This is a film that has a consistent frost design to it that can't be seen through. 

Matte linen film

Another option you can find is a decorative window film that has a matte linen design. This is a design that has the look of threads that seem to criss-cross all over the glass enough that the glass can't be seen through clearly. 

Rain-streaked film

You can find some decorative window film that looks similar to rain running down the length of the glass. The streaks of rain are heavy enough that it prevents the windows from being seen through clearly and it can add a nice and natural touch to the bathroom.

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