There are quite a lot of situations in which illuminated house numbers can be useful. Below are two scenarios in which you should consider getting an item like this.

1. You're a night owl

If you have always been a night owl, then you should pick up an illuminated house number plaque. If you're awake all night and get your sleep during the day, then you probably find yourself having most of your meals at night, too. If you occasionally like to order takeout at, for example, 2 am or 3 am, then the presence of an illuminated house number on your front door could help your delivery driver find your residence much easier. 

This is because the delivery person would be able to spot your house number in the pitch black, and would not, therefore, accidentally wake your neighbors by mistaking their home for yours and knocking on their door. It would also mean you would not have to switch on any outdoor lights you have on your property (which, again, might startle or wake up your neighbors) or have to stand outside and use your voice to guide the delivery person to your door.

2. You have night-vision issues

If due to having an eye condition like glaucoma, you have night-vision problems, then you would probably benefit from putting an illuminated house number on your door, particularly if your property is in a row of houses or an apartment block, where each property looks similar to the ones around it.

Putting up this illuminated plaque would mean that on the occasions when you get home after dark, you would not have to stand outside your apartment block or on the street where your house is, squinting and trying to work out which of the fuzzy-looking buildings is your home. Instead, this brightly illuminated plaque would enable you to quickly identify your property (as even if your night-vision problems make it hard for you to read the number, you should still be able to spot the glowing materials).

Additionally, this will greatly reduce the risk of you embarrassing yourself by, for example, walking up to your next-door neighbor's home, confusing it with your own, and trying to put your key in their door lock (a mistake that might result in them thinking you're a home invader) or and will ensure that you don't have to call one of your neighbors late at night and ask them to lead you up to your own property.