Taking a swim in a gorgeous pool on a hot day is a matter of joy and pleasure. However, an unexpected plunge can leave you feeling cold and wet. What's more, falling in a pool can cause serious injury to someone and may result in them drowning, especially if they can't swim very well. When it comes to pool safety, you ultimately shoulder the majority of the responsibility. After all, it's your pool, and it's up to you to make sure it's safe for everyone. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make sure your pool is as safe as it is fun. 

Strategic Rails

Install fencing and handrails in strategic locations to prevent accidental falls. If you have an in-ground pool, it should be surrounded by a suitable fence to prevent animals and unsupervised children from falling in accidentally. Handrails should also be placed in areas where people may slip or lose their balance. 

Non-Slip Walkways

If you have concrete slabs or pavement around your pool, they should be coated with a non-slip material. You can also make your walkways less slippery by choosing a material with a rough surface for your pool surround. Regardless of what material you choose, you always keep the walkways clear of trip hazards, as well as dry. When you have guests over, try to keep the walkways as clear and dry as possible. A sponge mop is a great accessory to keep close by.  

Artificial Turf

If you don't have pavement and only have grass around your pool, you know how slippery it can get when wet. And it only gets worse. With time and repeated abuse, grass eventually gives way, leaving a muddy, slippery mess. If you like the look of the grass but dislike the hassle, think about laying down artificial turf. It will give you the look and feel you want while providing a safe, non-slip surface for swimmers. Contact a company like Rock & Block Hardscape Supply to learn more about your artificial turf options.

Enforced Rules

Establish, post, and enforce pool rules, such as no jumping, no running, and no horseplay. Rules themselves don't do any good unless they are enforced. Come up with a penalty system for those who break the rules. For example, don't allow offenders into the pool for a set amount of time. 

Pool safety is a serious matter. If you want to prevent slip-and-fall injuries, you must address safety issues before you let anyone swim in your pool.