With summer droughts and water restrictions, it is time to think outside of the box when it comes to landscaping irrigation. Today, drip irrigation systems provide great alternatives to conventional sprinkler systems. To get the best results, you will want to combine the design of landscaping and drip irrigation systems to work well together. Here are some ideas to create the perfect drip irrigation system for your landscaping:

1. Designing Your Landscaping for Better Drip Irrigation

The design of your landscaping should be changed to work well with the drip irrigation system. It is a good idea to use more hardscape covering like gravel and less grass. Where you do have a lawn, make sure that it is minimal and in an area where water runs downhill to water the entire lawn with fewer irrigation lines. In addition, try to keep lawn spaces in areas where grass grows best, such as areas that get an equal amount of sun and shade. Another option is to use artificial grass if you only have a small amount of lawn area.

2. Soaker Lines and Drip Outlets for Different Irrigation Needs

There are several types of irrigation lines, which are different in the way they supply water to plants. One type of drip irrigation system is a soaker hose that is a porous material or has a lot of holes in it and water a broad area. Soaker systems are ideal for grass and areas with dense plant life. Another solution is drip lines that you attach outlets to, which will provide plants with water at their base. The outlet type of system is good for plants that are spread out and sparsely populated, such as trees, roses, and shrubs.

3. Controls and Programmers for Your New Drip Irrigation System

Once the lines have been installed for your irrigation system, you are going to need to have controllers and programmers installed. These are just like other irrigation systems that use sprinklers, but they may have smaller connections and need to have an adapter that controls water pressure and connects to drip irrigation lines. You may also want to include weather monitoring to help control conditions of plants for the best results.

With good landscaping and irrigation designs, your new irrigation system will reduce water consumption and give you a beautiful garden. To get started with your project, contact an irrigation service to help with the design and installation of a new drip irrigation system for your home.