If you want to create a more welcoming, laid-back style in your home, go Boho. Bohemian design reflects a hippie-chic style that will make your home eclectic and inviting. Check out cool Bohemian accent items and furnishings from online sites and furniture retailers to transform your room, space, or entire home!

Some tips for creating a Boho vibe in your home include:

Buy big floor pillows for casual comfort. Get comfortable by curling up on the floor with some big, plush pillows purchased from a company like Tara Design. Choose styles made from organic fabrics, like cotton or silk, and pile pillows high for a fun effect in any space. These are ideal for family rooms, bedrooms, and even your home office.

Turn tapestries into wall-treatments. Invest in some bold, bright tapestries—usually found in cotton—and drape on windows for a cool Bohemian touch in any room. You can fold one end over and stitch to provide a sleeve for a curtain-rod, or you can simply swath the fabric across the top-sash for a casual touch.

Accentuate pops of color with neutral contrasts. Keep the room neutral with white or off-white walls, trims, and flooring, but add a few pops of your favorite vibrant shades throughout the space. Bring in brightly-colored pillows, throws, and accents to reflect your favorite color combinations.

Use warm lighting to evoke a welcoming mood. Look for warm-white bulbs for your light fixtures and lamps to evoke a welcoming mood in any room of the house. This warm illumination is less-harsh, easier on the eyes, and quite a flattering light. Go with cool-white bulbs when you want a stimulating or energizing mood in the space.

Bring life to the space with living things. A true Bohemian is going to have some plants and living things in the home; bring in potted plants to position throughout the room. Consider adding a fish-tank or aquarium for a fun and friendly focal point.

Skip the shag and go with natural floor-coverings. Shag carpeting might be hippie-chic, but it can look a bit dated, too. Instead, reveal the natural floors beneath your rugs or carpets, and accent with some hand-painted floor cloths or coverings. These are often painted on natural jute, hemp, or linen fabrics.

Visit sites and vendors that offer Bohemian pieces and accents to transform your home. Enjoy the comfort and casual mood that a Boho design offers, and make guests feel welcomed and at-home.