Landscape design is important for your home's look and value, so placing time and energy into your lawn will be a worthwhile investment. While there are numerous types of grasses, Bermuda offers a durable, attractive, and drought resistant option for homeowners. Unfortunately, most people do not realize Bermuda requires a bit of maintenance in the early part of the season to ensure it grows in a green and healthy manner. With this guide, you will know how to prepare your Bermuda lawn in the spring.


Your lawn will go dormant in the fall and winter season, causing the grass to turn a light shade of brown. In the early part of spring, you should notice the grass turning green again. To ensure the green is vibrant through the spring, summer, and early part of fall, you must apply fertilizer to the lawn.

Make sure to fertilize your lawn after the last frost of the winter season. Use a fertilizer that contains nutrients important to the development and growth of Bermuda grasses. Fertilizer should offer nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

After applying this initial fertilizer in the early part of spring, continue fertilizing each month until the fall season arrives.


Bermuda is one of the most drought and heat resistant grasses available, but watering your lawn periodically will prevent browning over the seasons.

Set your sprinklers or use your garden hose to water the lawn thoroughly in the early part of spring. If your lawn shows footprints that do not seem to go away after walking on the grass or it appears blue or brown, additional water is required.


In the spring, you will not need to mow your lawn. However, as the grass continues to turn green and grow, mowing will be necessary to keep the lawn at a neat, even height.

Your lawn will look its best if you set your mower at a 1 to 1 ½-inch height. If the mower is set to a shorter height, the grass blades will be damaged, resulting in brown patches across your lawn. If you allow your Bermuda grass to grow higher, your lawn will quickly appear messy.

Caring for a Bermuda lawn is one of the easiest tasks to complete when landscaping your yard. With these tips to use in the early spring season, your Bermuda lawn will be ready to grow and thrive all through the seasons. Contact a landscaping service at a site like for more ideas.