When someone lives far away from you and has moved into a new home, you may want to send a housewarming present to them. You want to be sure to choose a gift that your friend will be able to use and that will match their style nicely. The guide below walks you through a few housewarming presents to consider buying for someone special to you.

Consider a Wind Chime

A wind chime is a great housewarming gift to give someone special to you. There are wind chimes available with different designs featured on them. Be sure to buy wind chimes online that pairs well with other design elements the person may have in or around their home. Choose from bamboo or metal chimes to ensure the chimes create a sound that will be pleasing to your friend. You may also want to consider the size of the chimes to be sure that they will not take up too much room on your friend's porch or balcony.

Consider Candles

Candles are a great gift to give as a housewarming present. Choose candles that feature scents you think your friend will enjoy. You may also want to purchase a candle holder for the candles, if they do not come in their own container. You could get a metal candle holder engraved to make it even more unique.

Consider a Custom Cutting Board

Another great option to give as a housewarming gift is a cutting board that has the person's initials burned into it. Having a cutting board custom made for them will allow them to use the piece as a cutting board or allow them to hang it in their kitchen as a piece of unique artwork. Every time they see the custom piece, it will make them think of you.

All of these items are small and will not take up a lot of room in their home. They can use the items right away and will be able to know how special they are to you when they receive the thoughtful gift. Be sure to have the item that you choose mailed directly to their house so that you do not have to worry about shipping it yourself. You can often ask for items to be gift wrapped for an additional fee. Be sure to ask for a gift received to be included in the box so that the recipient does not know how much you paid for the gift.