There is a bit of a let-down after the holidays when the decorations are put away and the lights are dimmed. Change things up by utilizing some holiday features a bit longer and hold on to the festive spirit that makes the Christmas season so magical.

Some ways to extend the life of your holiday flora and enjoy a festive feeling year-round are the following.

Illuminated branches. When you hire your tree-trimming service to cut down branches and trim foliage for the coming winter, ask the personnel to set aside branches from three-to-six feet long for you to illuminate. Use strings of holiday lights—clear-colored are best—and wrap the branch tightly from bottom to top. Prop these branches in a corner of your room for a natural-looking light source that will help heal holiday blues after the tree comes down.

Poinsettia. Did you get a poinsettia for Christmas this past year? Instead of letting it wither and die indoors over the winter, plan to replant it in your outdoor garden in the spring. Poinsettias light a bright but cool spot and will bloom into full, flowery bushes when the conditions are right. Just be sure to keep pets away from your outdoor poinsettias, as they can be toxic if ingested.

Evergreen applications. Make the most of lush evergreen boughs, fragrant cedar branches, or pine-tree sprigs that you happen to have on your property. When you trim back any of your trees, hedges, or shrubs, make sure to salvage the greens for indoor projects. Some great ways to recycle the trimmings from your conifers and evergreens are listed below.

Pile these clippings in the center of a table, using branches and sprigs that are no more than two feet long; add a handful of nuts or some citrus fruit for a naturally beautiful centerpiece idea.

Use these clippings to lay across your gardens, beds, and borders during the winter months. The foliage acts as mulch, protecting the plants from harsh or cold weather.

Hand-tie a cluster of foliage, each piece up to 18 inches long, with a piece of ribbon or raffia. Hang from the bottom on the front door for a welcoming and fragrant wreath.

Pay attention to the natural elements in your own yard to find what you need to create some clever landscaping and household projects that will remind you of the holidays. Enjoy recycling the trimmings from trees and shrubs to create new, intriguing features inside your home. Talk with a landscaper or tree service such as Able Scape, Inc for additional project ideas and estimates.