Do you wake up at night to the sound of skittering across your walls and floors? Do you have a rodent or insect problem, but you're not sure where to turn? Having a pest problem can be embarrassing. So embarrassing that you may be reluctant to call for help or even to try to buy pest control products at your local store. Unfortunately, ignoring or otherwise not dealing with the problem can only make it worse. But instead of trying to deal with the situation on your own, here are some important reasons why you should hire a pest control services company like Suffolk Pest Control to take care of things for you:

Safety: If you've ever read a can of insecticide or a package of rodent control, you should be familiar with the dire warnings that can be plastered on the container. If the product is swallowed or gets into your eyes, you are usually instructed to get help immediately. While these products may be fine for occasional use, accidental improper use can clearly be dangerous. Fortunately, the employees at a pest control services company have been trained in how to appropriately apply the chemicals that they use. Unlike store-bought formulas that are good for instant results, the chemicals used by pest control companies are meant for long-term applications. As a result, they may be much safer than most products that you'd find in the store.

Efficiency: The things that you can find generally are often great for a handful of roaches or just a couple mice. But if your infestation has gotten out of hand, the household products may no longer be of much use. You may make a small dent in the population, but since the formulas may not be meant for long-term use, the situation may quickly go back to the way it was. Pest control services are used to dealing with large-scale issues. They will have special plans and formulas that will help you eliminate the most pests possible in the shortest amount of time.

Money: Sure, household chemicals may sound inexpensive. Perhaps just a couple dollars for a pack of mousetraps or a can of insecticide. But when those don't work, you'll be heading back to the store to buy another product that you hope will do the job. This cycle may repeat several times over the course of a few weeks or months until you feel like you're spending half your money on pest control products. If you'd simply called a pest control services company in the first place, you would likely have spent less money and have had your problem eliminated more quickly.