If you have shrubs as part of your landscape design, then you know how important it is to make sure that they are well cared for. However, you may have no idea what kind of specialized care they need in order to grow and thrive. Because of this, you should consider hiring a professional to help you to care for your shrubs. This article will discuss 3 different kinds of shrub services that a professional can provide for you. 

Inspection For Pests And Diseases

One thing that can cause your shrubs to go down hill fast are certain pests and diseases that can attack them. Because of this, one thing that a professional is going to be able to do for you is perform a complete inspection for any pests or diseases. This can be done by closely analyzing your shrubs and looking for potential signs, such as leaves with bite marks in them, dead or dying parts of the plant, etc. If they find that there is a pest or disease attacking your shrub, they are going to be able to help fight this issue by administering chemicals to your plant that are going to kill the pest or disease without causing unnecessary harm to your shrub. 

 Root Feeding

In the spring time, when your shrubs are waking up after a long winter, or simply when they seem to be struggling to grow and thrive, a root feeding is a good idea. This type of feeding is going to involve shooting fertilizer and other nutrients right into the roots of the shrub. Giving the shrub nutrients directly into their roots is targeting the source directly, thus allowing it to get the nutrients that it needs as quickly as possible. It also eliminates the risk of losing some of these nutrients during watering. 

Professional Pruning 

Pruning your shrubs is also going to be essential to keeping them healthy and looking good. Shrubs that aren't pruned are going to grow uneven and will look overgrown and often out of control. Also, when a shrub is overgrown and has dead portions, it is important that these portions are removed so that the shrub doesn't waste nutrients to try and keep them alive. A professional is going to know how far to cut the different branches of your shrub to ensure that it isn't harmed, but is simply refreshed and given a clean start to grow again. 

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