If you've decided to look further into getting a retractable roof for your patio, it's time to start considering additional issues that could affect how you arrange your yard once the roof has been installed. These roofs are very handy to have and offer a welcome flexibility for those who want some shade but not all the time, and who don't want to have to move patio furniture around constantly. However, retractable roofs aren't as versatile in some respects as non-retractable roofs. Knowing what to expect will help you better use the roof to your advantage.

Can't Use for Vines

If you're going to place a retractable roof on a pergola or attach one to your house, you have to realize that you can't use that area for climbing vines unless you are very careful about where you let the vines roam. Whether you have a basic retractable roof or one that has louvers that you can rotate, you risk chopping parts of the vines off, or causing the louvers or rollers on the roof to jam up. If you have a climbing vine near the roof, prune it religiously and try to train it away from the roof.

Inspect After Hail

Always inspect the roof after a hailstorm. Very small hail, like graupel, really won't do anything, but larger hail can dent the louvers or rollers just enough to mess with how the roof functions. The manufacturer or installers who install the roof will know more about that particular brand's resistance, but be prepared to treat the roof as if it were somewhat fragile when it comes to hail.

Nifty for Providing Partial Shade

On the plus side, one thing you might not have realized is that the retractable roof systems can be an excellent addition for container gardens that benefits from partial shade/partial sun. If you've previously had plants that needed full sun only because of the lack of shade in your yard, use the space under the roof to add some containers of partial-shade plants, and move the roof during the day to keep the plants happy.

The people who install the roof are likely to be founts of helpful information about taking care of the roof and dealing with issues like invading vines. When you have the roof added to your yard, be sure you take advantage of the opportunity to ask all the questions you can.