If you want to create some privacy in your home without having to spend a fortune on drapes, consider hanging blinds in the windows. There are often many different options available when it comes to blinds so that you can create a custom look in your home that matches your décor nicely. If you have never purchased blinds before, use the guide below to learn how to choose the right blinds for your windows.

Measure the Windows

Before you go to the store to buy blinds, you need to know what size blinds to get. Use a tape measure to measure your windows. The blinds come with small boxes that hang on either side of your window that the actual base of the blind slides into. The boxes are mounted on the interior sides of your window frames. Measure your window from the left inner side of the window frame to the right inner side of the frame to determine the width you need for the blinds.

Consider the Type of Blind You Think Would Look Best in Your Home

Blinds can be made from many different materials including, wood, plastic, vinyl, and even aluminum. You want to be sure that you choose a blind that is made from material that will suit your family. If you have small children or pets, the aluminum or plastic blinds may not be able to stand up to their wear and tear. If you want to create a very classy look, wood or vinyl blinds are your best option because they often have a very sophisticated look to them.

Choose the Right Color of Blinds for Your Home

You then need to choose the color of blind that you feel would be the best for the décor you have in your home. Blinds can be found in just about any color you can imagine. The most common colors for blinds are white and off-white though. If you want brightly colored blinds, you may have to have them special ordered from a store that specializes in blinds. However, wooden blinds are available in many different finishes. You want to be sure that you consider the color of the flooring in your home, if you have hardwood floors before purchasing wooden blinds to ensure that the finishes will pair well with one another.

Once you have considered the items listed above, you will be ready to purchase your first set of blinds. Be sure to read the packages carefully to ensure that you purchase the right size blinds for your windows.