An outdoor water fountain is more than a pretty addition to your yard. A fountain provides the soothing sound of running water, which gives your house and yard a whole new sensory experience. Good placement of an outdoor fountain is in a wide space wherever the water music can be heard clearly. You also need to be able to run electricity to that area. Let a beautiful outdoor water fountain become the centerpiece of your yard or patio.

Spanish Courtyard

One of the charms of Spanish-style homes is a calming courtyard. Even if you don't have a Spanish-style home, replicate the ambiance on your patio. Start with pavers as your foundation, and add decorations such as Moorish lanterns, urns and painted tiles.

The fountain is the centerpiece of the Spanish courtyard. Select a tiered outdoor water fountain to place on your patio. It doesn't have to be directly in the center since this could impede traffic flow, but select a spot that ensures its visibility from anywhere on the patio and from windows overlooking the patio.

Meditation Garden

The sound of water music is very calming. Use this to your advantage by creating a meditation space in your yard. You could create a full Zen garden with pebbles, stone sculptures and contained landscaping. Alternatively, create a meditation walk that winds around your yard, eventually doubling back on itself.

For your meditation garden, consider having a self-contained fountain installed in the midst of your space. Self-contained fountains are all-in-one kits that include the pump and plumbing. Additionally, the well is part of the fountain design. As the Landscaping Network points out, self-contained outdoor fountains contain the added bonus of being relatively easy to install.

Welcoming Prelude

If you have a large entryway to your home, transform it into a prelude to your house. Design the area to accentuate the architecture. For instance, create a wide, straight pathway that leads right to the door. Likewise, utilize materials that complement your house's façade.

For this entryway design, add a fountain to your pathway. If you have a straight walkway, have the fountain installed right in the center. Consider choosing a disappearing fountain. These don't feature any open water containers that could interfere with your guests. Instead, let the gentle music of water trickling through the gravel or river rock around the fountain welcome your visitors to your home.

Look for outdoor water fountains for sale so that you can transform your outdoors into a soothing retreat or your entryway into a gentle welcome.