If your carpet looks dingy, dirty or old but using store-bought carpet cleaners make you ill, you can make your own natural or green cleaning solutions at home. Green carpet cleaners may not contain chemicals that irritate your skin, nasal passages or lungs. Instead, the products generally contain all-natural ingredients, such as citrus fruit and plant extracts. Lemon peel oil is one natural carpet cleaning ingredient you can make at home. Here's what you need to know about lemon peel oil, as well as other tips you may find useful.

Why Should You Use Lemon Peel Oil?

The fresh citric scent of lemon peel oil is a great alternative to using commercial carpet cleaning products. The oils found in lemons are used for a variety of things, including improving you. A number of people use lemon oil to fight bacteria and other germs that may irritate your skin and respiratory system.

In addition, lemon peel oil may also be a good way to remove spots and other stains until your next carpet cleaning appointment. However, avoid spraying carpets that contain colors that bleed, such as red, black and orange, with your lemon oil solution. The natural cleaning solution below works best on light or white carpet fibers.

If you're ready to get started, here's how you make your own natural lemon oil cleaner:

  • Buy 2-3 large lemons — be sure to choose firm, but ripe lemons for your cleaning solution
  • Use a cheese grater gently remove the yellow skin from the lemons — the outer skin contains the most oils, so you want to use it for your solution
  • Fill a spray bottle with 3-4 cups of tap water
  • Place the lemon skins inside the bottle and then wait 24 hours for the lemon oil to mix with the water 

Once the lemon oil carpet cleaner is ready, you can use it as a spot cleaner for your carpets. When you use the lemon peel oil cleaner, avoid over-saturating the fibers in the carpet with it. A small amount is all you need. Give the solution at least 10 minutes to remove the dirt, grime and stains from the carpets' fibers. Then, use a soft cloth to rub and dry the locations

What Else Can You Use to Spot Clean Your Carpets?

Orange peel oil and water may also be good options for spot cleaning your carpets. Unlike lemon peel oil, you may use this solution on all of your carpets. To make the solution, follow the same steps used to make the lemon oil peel cleaning solution.

When your carpet cleaners arrive to your home, they'll use stronger and more effective green cleaning solutions on your carpets. The solutions may be Eco-friendly and environmentally safe for your home. Until then, the natural cleaning solutions above may temporary spot cleaners you can use.

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