Sandboxes provide great playtime for kids. It can be a great teaching tool, in addition to providing hours of fun. You can buy a sandbox at most retailers, but you can also build a wooden one of your own, using the simple steps below. 

Tools And Materials Needed For The Job:

This is for a 6' x 7' sandbox.

  • Two 1' x 2" x 12' pressure treated pine boards
  • Two 1' x 2" x 10" pressure treated pine boards
  • Table or circular saw
  • Power drill
  • Hammer
  • Screws and/or nails
  • Sand (roughly 2 cubic yards)
  • Paint and primer (optional)

Instructions To Build Your Sandbox:

1. Cut Your Boards

Cut four boards into two 7' lengths, and two 6' lengths. These will serve as the sides of your sandbox. Butt the ends together to create a rectangle, then nail or screw the joints together. You can make a floor to your sandbox if you wanted to, but it isn't necessary. The floor can be made with tongue and groove, pressure treated floorboards. Just cut the pieces to size and attach with your nails or screws. 

2. Make Your Benches

Using the leftover pieces of lumber, cut your benches. The benches serve as seats for your little ones, but also help support the corners of the sandbox. Simply lay the extra pieces of wood on the corners of your sandbox, then measure, mark and cut the angled pieces. Attach the pieces of wood using nails or screws, onto the top of the corners. You can drill holes into the corner benches to make a fun place for sand or water to filter through. 

3. Paint Your Sandbox

Elevate your sandbox, and then apply primer to the entire sandbox. After the primer is completely dry, paint your sandbox with the paint color of your choice. Use paint that is made for exterior surfaces, so it will hold up to weather. Allow the paint to dry completely before moving the sandbox.

4. Move Your Sandbox

Choose an area in your yard that is level to place your sandbox. You can dig out the grass beneath the sandbox to make the surface level if need be. Then, lay down a layer of plastic to work as a moisture barrier. This will help to ensure a longer life of your sandbox.

5. Fill With Sand

It's time for the sand for your sandbox. You can buy sand at most landscape or gardening centers like Burien Bark LLC. Sand comes in several varieties, although, play sand is what you will want for your sandbox. Play sand is fine, soft and washed. It is white in color, and safe for children to play with. 

Now it's time for fun. Fill your new sandbox with fun toys for your children to play with. You can fill it with the usual buckets and shovels, but to make it a little more fun, add pieces of a dinosaur puzzle for your kids to find. Use sea shells and a paint brush for your kids to find "artifacts." You can also make funnels and chutes from PVC for added fun.