Do you have an old piece of wood furniture that has suffered some damage? Has the finish faded or become so dirty that you can't see the wood grain anymore? Perhaps the finish has cracked, also called alligatored for the alligator skin texture the wood develops. Don't get rid of the furniture. Here are some steps you can use to restore your furniture to the original luster.

How To Get Years Of Dirt And Oils Off Wood Furniture

Over time, dirt and oils can build up on your wood furniture, which can leave them looking dull and lifeless. You might not have to refinish them. This natural oil wood cleaner will get rid of the buildup, and restore your old furniture to a shiny luster.

Supplies You'll Need

  • 2 cups olive oil

  • ½ cup of coconut or jojoba oil

  • ½ cup of vinegar

  • ¼ cup of lemon juice

  • Small kitchen whisk

  • 2 soft rags


  1. Pour all of your ingredients into a plastic bowl or small bucket.

  2. Combine the ingredients using a kitchen whisk.

  3. Dip your cloth in the solvent to get it moist.

  4. Using one of your rags, apply the solvent to your wood furniture is small circular motions.

  5. Continue polishing until the entire piece has been cleaned.

  6. The lemon juice and vinegar will remove the dirt and oils.

  7. The oils will restore the luster.

  8. Repeat the process if necessary.

Remove Alligatored Appearance off Lacquered Or Shellacked Wood Furniture

Alligatoring can cause your shellacked furniture to form cracks. The easiest way to get rid of the cracks is to treat the furniture with a solvent that you can make right at home. You'll need a few items. Be sure to work outside for this project.

Supplies You'll Need

  • Denatured alcohol

  • Lacquer thinner

  • Medium width natural bristle paint brush

  • Face mask

  • Small paint bucket
  • Newspaper or drop cloth


  1. Put your face mask and gloves on.

  2. Mix 6 cups of denatured alcohol with 2 cups of lacquer thinner in a small paint bucket.

  3. Place newspaper or drop cloth on the ground.

  4. Bring your furniture piece outside and place it on the protective covering.

  5. Apply the solvent to your furniture in straight, fluid strokes.

  6. Continue applying the solvent until your entire piece is covered.

  7. The cracks and aligatored marks will begin to disappear as the solvent dries.

  8. You may need to repeat the process a few times to get rid of deep cracks.

Don't part with your wood furniture just because it starts looking worn out. Use these simple techniques to restore the natural beauty to your treasured furniture. For more information, contact a company like Complete Claim Furniture Service LLC to learn more.