Some homes are not insulated very well, especially if they are older homes. Some homes that are insulated well still tend to get really hot if their windows face an eastern direction. In order to keep your home temperature regulated without running your air or heat very often, consider purchasing the following types of drapes for every window.

Light Colored Curtains

First, you need to select light colored curtains that are not going to draw in heat. If you choose any dark color, such as black, brown, maroon, or burgundy, then the curtains will attract the sun's heat more.

This will draw more heat into your home whether the drapes are completely covering the windows or if they are partially open.

It is still a good idea to buy solid curtains that are not just sheer because sheer curtains do not help to keep the temperature in your house even. They are more decorative and tend to only serve an aesthetic purpose.

Solar Curtains

In addition to choosing a light color, also select solar curtains to go in front of the windows that face east and west. These windows will get the most sun and therefore the most heat exposure.

Solar curtains are designed to block out heat and to trap the heat so that it does not get into your home as easily. The best way to use these curtains is by keeping them completely closed during the hottest parts of the day.

If you touch the outside of the curtains, you should feel the warmth they are trapping between the material and your window. Do not open the curtains until the sun has passed these windows and is no longer affected the temperature in the room.

Solar curtains typically come in solid colors, but you can also find them in patterns too. Just make sure that your solar curtains are designed for hot and cold weather so that they will regulate the temperature year round.

Thick Curtains

Lastly, thick curtains will also make a difference in the temperature of your home. Really thin curtains will let heat pass by quickly while thick curtains will not. You do not have to select carpet style curtains to get thick ones though.

Instead, look at thicker cotton curtains and silky curtains that are still beautiful but will provide a barrier to the heat.

By considering these 3 things, you can find the right curtains to keep the heat out of your home so that the temperature stays regulated. (For information on drapes, contact a company such as Frieda Ross Draperies, Blinds and Fabrics)